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Document Screening

In-depth Interview

On board

Common qualification requirements

Open Positions

  • Fast execution capability

  • Open-minded communication capability.

  • Collaborative capability that creates synergy with colleagues.

  • Problem-solving cability to logically find the cause of a problem and patiently solve the problem to the end.

  • Professionalism that sets high standards for work, manages oneself, and does best effort. Learning capability to quickly acquire new knowledge.

  • Capability to analyze customers’ essential requirements.

  • Capability to derive solutions to clear fundamental causes of problem and to implement fastly.

AI Research

  • Development of machine vision, time series data analysis, big data analysis algorithm.

  • Development of supervised learning, unsupervised learning and MLOps algorithm.

  • Development of AI solution.

  • Understanding and proposal of state-of-the-art machine learning theories and papers.

Software Solution

  • Development of web. application frontend, backend, data visualization and preprocessing.

  • Development of MLOps solution and platform.

  • Understanding and development capabilities of HTML, CSS, JS W3C web standards and RESTful API.

  • React, Typescript-based frontend development capabilities.

Business planning & development

  • Establishment and implementation of go-to-market strategy.

  • Writing of open innovation business proposals for domestic and international enterprises.

  • Writing of national R&D and project proposal.

  • Searching national R&D and open innovation program.

  • Project management on report, schedule, output and etc.

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